Centre for Open Questions – from this is how it is to how it is so

Idea, concept, realization, and management:

Wolfgang Georgsdorf (

By invitation and on behalf of the project

1000andYour view – from outbreak to departure from the pandemic


Städtische Museen Zittau, under the direction of Dr. Peter Knüvener

Program coordinator and curator:

Sabine Zimmermann-Törne

Team of the Centre for Open Questions:

Project assistance:

Katharina Hornig and Tim Jung

Graphics, layout, web design:

Katharina Hornig

Programming audio tools, IT applications and installation media:

Tim Jung

Programming website:

Katharina Hornig and Tim Jung

Programming Fraginator:

Klaus Györgyfalvay and Tim Jung

Editing and texts:

Wolfgang Georgsdorf

The first 400 questions:

Wolfgang Georgsdorf

Esther Grass

Benedict von Haimberger


Scientific advice:

Benedict von Haimberger

Assistant to the editor:

Hannah Lorentz, e.a.

Assistant to Tim Jung and technical support:

Fabian Meier

Construction team:

Gheorghe Peiu, Ion Iorga, Fabian Meier, Hannah Lorenz, Clara Glaubitz, Kira Rohloff, Robert Pohl

Translation of the A-text from German into Polish:

Agnieszka Lindenhayn-Fiedorowicz

Translation of the A-text from German into Czech:

Markéta Barth

Translation of the first 100 questions from German into Polish:

Agata Makówka

Translation of the first 100 questions from German into Czech:

Michaela Janyska 

Proofreading for translations into English:

Julian Woropay, London

Thanks to all contributing and collaborating Besucher_innen

Thank you for the friendly cooperation of some employees of the Städtische Museen Zittau in hanging and framing the pictures from the museum depot in the last hours before the opening:

Elke Thum, Antje Kirschner, Dr. Thorsten Pietschmann, Ilona Kirsche, Enrico Nürnberger, Frank Ehrentraut


Thanks to the curator Sabine Zimmermann-Törne for her trust

Thanks to the director of the Städtische Museen Dr. Peter Knüvener for the contribution of the "Corona Rathaus-Fünde" and for the support with depot and storage material of the museum, in addition to his accompanying goodwill.

Thanks to Benjamin Pfefferkorn for quarters in Zittau as well as for words and deeds

Thanks to Peter Brune for overarching web advice and the good spirit of the Tokyo branch office

Thanks to Walter Kittel for the project quarter in Görlitz

Thanks to architect Daniel Neuer for expert and creative solutions in construction, material and approval issues

Thanks to the director of the Oschatzer Stadt- und Waagenmuseum, Tom Frisch, and to Mrs. Mieth for the kind provision of a decommissioned lighting system for revision and recycling

Thanks to the director of the Stadtmuseum Hoyerswerda, Kerstin Noack, for the kind donation of discarded building material of the museum for revision and recycling

Thanks to the Albertinum Dresden and Michael John for the provision of discarded exhibition material and to Hagen Engicht and for the organizational support

Thanks to the organizer, Director Dr. Peter Knüvener for the active support of our recycling initiative in the sense of sustainable exhibiting and for his conspiratorial call to the museum association for recyclable materials

Thanks to Beate Wonde for ongoing, attentive feedback

F.d.I.v.i.S.d.P.: Wolfgang Georgsdorf, Forster Str. 40, 10999 Berlin