This room is a cabin. The associations with its atmosphere are: voting booth, telephone booth, confessional, meditation cell, relaxation room, ATM cell, manga café.

In this room there is a comfortable seating furniture for resting, relaxing and thinking. 

The room is the only one that has a door that you can close behind you for a while to have a little peace to think or relax. A space that, in its narrowness, offers an extended quality of concentration.

Fitted into the niche opposite the entrance to the cabin, you will find a desk with a touch screen, i.e. a monitor on which you can navigate by touching your fingers. On it open and ready for your use is the "Fraginator":

The Fraginator is a virtual question machine that is available to you both here in the rooms of the Centre for Open Questions and on the Internet on the website and on at least one of the stationary workstations and monitors in the large room no. 8 of the exhibition, the room "Research+Conference". The Fraginator is a digital tool for dealing with other questions that are still dormant or already there. It is a search engine and an input or editing engine. You can enter a question here:
Enter a proposed change to a question (this is automatically linked to the question for which a change is proposed); Make a deletion proposal for a question; Link two questions; Sign an entry; Propose an answer to a question or comment on a question; Evaluate a question by scoring; Sign a question, an answer or a comment, i.e. provide it with your author name if you wish. 

All users can choose from the following views or sorting of questions: Chronological; by chance; after full-text search; by keywords; according to reviews; links between questions;

So immerse yourself in the cosmos of questions and their radiance.

The purpose of the space is to continue your inner dialogue and communicate it to others.