Your other view

Another room with empty walls filled with questions.

In this inscription room, you can respond to your own "one" view with your own "other" view.

Perhaps, at the end of the exhibition period in July 2023, we will notice differences between the contents of the inscriptions in the two rooms four and five. Here, for inspiration and re-immersion in the pandemic topics, the artist has written one of his "termini series" on the corona world as a graffiti with charcoal on the first wall on the right of the room: terms that had emerged in the public discourse of science, politics, media and Bürger_innen in the course of the corona pandemic and with which we have been confronted in language ever since.

This second inscription room, here room number 5, is also a painting and writing room for the whole family. Here questions can be painted on the wall and written. Leave a question that moves you! Write something on the blackboards or on the wall! Get rid of something! Immortalize yourself! Be a piece of the puzzle against nonsense. Questions, comments, drawings that fit the topic from your point of view. Or respond with comments and counter-questions to inscriptions that others had already written before you.

There is also a mobile staircase with railings that you can climb to continue your manual inscriptions up to the ceiling. The staircase itself contains a studio table with assortments of pens, chalks, oil chalk. And as everywhere else, paper and pen to write down questions on pieces of paper and throw them into the slot of the collection box in the foyer.