This room with the number 7 and the door heading “Fun?” contains an exemplary collection of reproductions of those viral jokes and ironies that had traveled through the Internet as texts or images, i.e. during lockdown, while millions of people were locked up and more or less thrown back onto their screens and depended on the means of humor and self-irony as comfort and help to overcome it difficult to bear. Time/states of mind/feelings/mood/atmosphere were used.

Humor has helped people through eons of history to overcome seemingly unbearable things. Self-irony was and is an excellent means of inner survival. Humor as – as it is said – the last will and testament to hope.

Under the terms corona, lockdown, vaccination, quarantine, etc., there are millions of memes in all languages of the kind you will find in the “fun” room in a selection that is supposed to refer to this mass.

Through social networks, allusions, parables, inside jokes, convoluted messages, comments from superficial to secret language, are passed on, evaluated, commented on, varied. And so a special and unique culture of perseverance with smiles or laughter was created here as well. Even the court jester had the actual purpose of expressing truths or views in the form of a joke.

In the middle of room no. 7 stands a display case as a pedestal with a glass lintel: under this are contradictory memorabilia of the Corona period, which reflect the whole conflict. This display case bears the inscription “no fun?” and is in this room the island that reminds us that all jokes and irony on the subject are based on something serious: we have here the protest notes of the anti-vaccination and we have the empty vials of the vaccine sera that have been vaccinated to the vaccine advocates; we see here the remains of rapid tests and we see the symbolically crossed-out photocopies of final examinations in the nursing services, such as a branch office or branch of the room “Ernst?”

The contents of this display case refer to how much the topic and the question of vaccination divide the spirits, even if they joke.

In this room “Fun?” you will also find a table and a monitor on which various meme videos, image memes and text memes can be seen in series.

Here, too, the long table and chairs are intended to provide a station to settle down and give free rein to one’s own suggestions and thoughts in the form of messages to the center and to the other Besucher_innen.