Research and Conference

In the eighth room, the largest, with the door heading "Research and Conference?", there is a conference table and vis-à-vis the media station at a 5 m long work table with three computers and screens. Comfortable seating, as in other rooms before, and on the soft carpet invite you to feel comfortable and to settle down to reflect, to research, to read, to write and to confer especially in groups and possibly moderated special events in a library climate.

Room eight is also a media workshop, the media center, the virtual library, and a meeting place with terminals for research.

On the three computers with Internet access are:

The Fraginator, an input terminal for direct input of questions and hints, and a web browser ready for search.

The entries go directly into the database, where the editorial check for compliance with the etiquette rules of activation and visibility for all is preceded.

Corresponding to the purpose of the space and the basic tenor, exemplary and essential questions on truth, science and other philosophical topics are posted on the enclosing partition walls, also here on the specific stimulation and use of the spatial function.

The way the texts are placed on the walls, their arrangements, the spaces in between and the structures refer to the spatial giving, to the diversity of perspectives, to the breaks between the perspectives, to the air up and down, which these questions create and allow, and last but not least, the free spaces refer to the place that remains for the filling by the audience in the further course of dynamics and participation.

Here, too, as in the other rooms on the walls, there is room for additions resulting from the audience participation, the incoming suggestions, and the other questions.