Your one view

The room with this name is the first inscription room of two. 

It contains the drywall walls placed in front of the windows as poster surfaces, then large white, initially empty panels on the walls, two comfortable armchairs, wrapped in natural white nettle and a square table in the middle, on whose table top covered with red linoleum contains an assortment of pens, chalks and markers in all colours available to all visitors. with which to write and draw on the walls. 

This first room of inscriptions offers its white walls for all guests to leave their handwritten questions or other graffiti and becomes a drawing cabinet: Here you can work directly and manually from the audience itself on the walls, with pens of all kinds, graffiti walls, for which the invitation and request is expressly issued to write open, urgent or even burning questions in your own handwriting from the heart. All often anger-driven desires for exclamations or calls should also be transformed into questions in a sporty way. Even and especially children are allowed to get involved, they should access, make use of the pens, so that the walls fill up over the entire duration of the exhibition from top to bottom, from left to right and unfold a growing density, intensity, immediacy and liveliness, with the notes of each age group.

The wall to the left above the increasing inscriptions in room 4 under the ceiling is a reserve for further image carriers, for example for playing videos that are created in the further course of the action or are to be found and exhibited. These are then updated periodically.

One of the purposes of the inscription rooms is to overcome the inner resistance of handwritten utterances on walls.